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This website is designed to drive leads to qualified EFT Practitioners certified through the Center for EFT Studies. Our goal is to elevate EFT to the level of professional counseling and to give each of the participating practitioners the opportunity to create successful EFT practices while providing top-quality service and results to our clients.

Qualifications: To qualify for participation in the Tapping Can Help program, practitioners must hold at least a Level 2 EFT Certification from the Center for EFT Studies and must be members in good standing with the Association of EFT Professionals at Participants must also carry liability insurance, which is available through AEFTP.

Scope of Practice: In order to maintain a consistent message on Tapping Can Help, protect the reputation of EFT and the platform itself, participants agree to use EFT exclusively in their sessions. Although intuition is both necessary and encouraged, the use of all psychic protocols is prohibited. However, participating in Tapping Can Help does not preclude the practitioner from using other protocols in their own private practice. 

Professionalism: Practitioners must have a professional presentation as well as a professional background for the EFT Sessions.

Star Ratings: At the end of each session, clients will be encouraged to leave a review and star rating for the practitioner. Any practitioner who falls below 3-star rating (out of 5) on average will be suspended from the project for a period of not less than 3 months and will be encouraged to participate in the Skills Coaching Program at the Center for EFT Studies. If the practitioner successfully participates in the Skills Coaching Program, they may return immediately upon the approval of our professional skills coaches. Any unused payments for participation will be refunded, prorated monthly, upon removal from the platform. 

On-Platform Clients: It is understood that all clients generated through the Tapping Can Help platform are exclusively the clients of Tapping Can Help. However, practitioner and client may choose to work together independent of the platform after completion of a minimum of 10 sessions together. Should a Tapping Can Help Practitioner seek to transfer a client from the platform to their own personal practice, before the 10 sessions are completed, that practitioner will be permanently removed from the platform without refund. In the instance where a client contacts a practitioner directly, before the 10-session minimum is met, it is the responsibility of the practitioner to direct the client back to the platform for scheduling. 

Payments to Tapping Can Help: The cost of the program is currently $250 a month with a 3-month commitment required. This will be placed into a recurrent payment program using Paypal which may be cancelled after the 3rd month. This money will be used to pay for the advertising costs including ad design and creation, ad management, as well as ancillary costs for operating the program.  A commission of 10% of each paid session will be dispersed to Tapping Can Help. 

Payments to the Practitioner: Payments for client sessions will be collected via the Stripe Platform. Participating practitioners will receive 90% of each paid session minus fees deducted as determined by Stripe. While the payout schedule can vary based on Stripe’s policies, with the first payout taking up to 14 days; in general, payments shall be dispersed within 36 hours of receipt of session payment. However, this is dictated by Stripe’s policies.

Online Commitment: Practitioners are encouraged to participate live online on the platform to accept clients in the moment for a minimum of 4 hours per month. The objective of the platform is to drive potential clients to their primary complementary consultation, through which the practitioner has the opportunity to convert the person into a paid client. Practitioners are encouraged to participate live as frequently as possible. 

Website Marketing: Upon acceptance into the program, each participating practitioner will provide a marketing video of not less than 1 minute in length and not more than 5 minutes in length, a headshot, and a bio of not more than 300 words. 

Insurance and Responsibility: All practitioners are required to carry liability insurance and release Deborah Lindsey, the Center for EFT Studies. and Tapping Can Help and its employees and contractors of all liability associated with participation in the program.

Professional Ethics: Each practitioner must adhere to the ethical standards set forth in the Association of EFT Professionals at

Selection of Practitioner Specializations: Each participating practitioner will be selected for three areas of specialization based on their experience, preference, and availability. A maximum of 5 practitioners can be selected per category, based on technical and marketing limitations. To best serve our clients, we need to ensure that every category is covered. While we will make every effort to accommodate your areas of preference, it is imperative that every category is filled. 

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