How Does Tapping Work?

It's all about the "zzzt"

Your Body Runs On Energy

EFT Tapping, formally known as the Emotional Freedom Techniques is a popular technique that is based on ancient acupuncture. It’s been around since the Mid-1990’s and was founded by a guy named Gary Craig. It is generally described as “energy psychology” because it helps in much the same way that counseling does. It helps to resolve emotional and mental blocks that can ultimately turn into physical illness.

EFT works on the basic understanding that your body runs on energy.  Essentially, energy is what keeps us alive. 

This energy runs on “wires” that provide information to the organs and systems in your body.  These wires, which we can’t see but we know are there, are called meridians. The Chinese have known about these “wires” for more than 2,000 years but in the West we are still catching up to this understanding.

Your thoughts and your emotions run through these wires. Like these wires, we can’t see them but we know they are real because we experience them. 

Shocks Cause Blocks in Your Energy

Sometimes these wires get clogged up. This can happen, for example,  if you experience trauma. When we experience a trauma, we refer to it as “shock” for a reason. It is like the wires get tripped to protect us. And we experience that “zzzt” when we think about that memory for example. 

That shock can get stuck. And as a result, our system doesn’t run like it used to. Things that used to be easy are suddenly hard. Or things that SHOULD be easy are now hard. Anxiety can set in (anxiety even FEELS like an electric shock in the body, no?) or depression or we can start to feel bad physically. This can even manifest itself as a serious illness. This is because our energy isn’t moving right anymore. 

These shocks come in many forms. They can come from something as simple as someone saying something mean to you. Or perhaps from watching a scary movie. Or a physical shock like a car accident or a painful sexual experience. Many, many things can cause these blocks. 

These Blocks Control the Subconscious

We all have these blocks. Some are little like being afraid of clowns because your older brother watched “It” a thousand times when you were growing up. Some can be so big that they create limiting beliefs and things that hold you back from moving forward in life. And some can even manifest in your physical body as symptoms. When we clear these blocks, we can see things from a clearer perspective and any blocks or symptoms can go away leaving us free to live the life we want to live. 

You can think about these blocks as being like viruses on your computer. They sort of control everything from the subconscious without you even knowing it. That’s why talking about it doesn’t fix it. And why pills often don’t work. It doesn’t address the source of the problem, the block in your energy system that is sabotaging you behind the scenes, causing your computer to malfunction.

With tapping, it’s like running an anti-virus program. We clean out these stuck emotions so that the original, pristine operating system can work properly again. No more endless rebooting or going round and round trying to make things work!

With Tapping We Delete the Blocks

In EFT,  your practitioner will help you to identify these blocks and then lead you through the process of cleaning them up. Some blocks are really easy to clear and you might feel better in as little as a minute! Other blocks are complicated and entangled and these blocks can take multiple sessions to resolve. 

But the good news is, once they are gone, you are free! The things that used to hold you down and stand in your way are not an issue anymore and you can begin to create the life you were always meant to live. The result is that life just gets easier!

Another thing to note is that these blocks can affect all areas of our lives. So if you have a trauma, for example, like a parent leaving when you are young. This can manifest in low self-esteem or feeling like no one will ever love you. This can show up in unfulfilling relationships or in an inability to create business success or weight problems. It is like a web of issues are all connected to this one traumatic experience. So when you clear one area of your life, often other areas clear up as well. In the end, it ends up feeling like magic!


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